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INAP is a foundation for research, development and training in relation to systematically teaching of concepts, connected to language teaching and learning.
The work of the foundation is based upon pedagogic theories derived from the research of Dr. Magne Nyborg and his co-workers.

INAP is functioning as a centre of competence on the following areas:

• Helping children and youth to be better learners by training and teaching them to a better conceptual understanding.
• Helping children to be included in the mainstreamed classroom.
• Support parents to execute the responsibility for the tuition of their children
• Support pedagogues to achieve better insight into organising teaching within the subjects included in the mainstreamschool.
• Support pedagogues who, from earlier practise want to effect applied research and experiment in kindergartens and schools.
• Support local authorities, schools and others with consultant-services on fields where we have achieved both scientific and practical-pedagogic competence, mainly in the Concept Teaching Model (CTM) and to apply it in the public school.

Membership in INAP.

Everyone who wants to support INAP, or wants to work within our theoretical framework, is welcome as members of the foundation. You can ask for membership here. We have also got an closed discussion forum for members - even though it is in Norwegian, you are welcome to join and participate in English. Most Norwegian understand English

International contacts

INAP is in contact with researchers from European Association for Mediated Learning and Cognitive Modifiability (EAMC), International Association of Cognitive Education (IACE) and American Association on Mentally Retarded (AAMR) . We have participated in workshops and symposia’s at conferences in Spain, France, USA, South Africa and Finland. There is an increasing interest for Nyborgs works, and a great demand for international courses. We had the international co-ordinator of the INSIDE-project that has its main grants from the EU- commission Comenius 3.1 programme.

"Hansen shows striking objective evidence of effectiveness of Nyborgian methods with special-needs children,...,in my view more convincingly than I have seen with any of the methods derived from the other models that have been described here,..." Prof Martin B. Miller comparing: Mediatied Learning Experience model -- Feuerstein -- Vygotsky -- Nyborg

Journal of Cognetive Education and Psychology, vol 3 num 1 May 2003, page 84, IACEP
Prof Martin B. Miller, Yeshiva University and Hudson Valley Cerebral Palsy Association,